Supplement to Resume - Kwee Heong Tan

Welcome to my "Supplement to Resume" web site. It is intended to add detail and information to the sometimes dry descriptions in the resume and also showcase some of the work. Note that the projects showcased do not contain any proprietary company information from my employment.

It is likely you have a paper copy of my resume as you are viewing this. If not, you can click on the "Goto: Resume" item on the left navigation pane for an online view.

There are also some showcase projects on the left.

Running Playwright tests without installatingPlaywright, Docker, Linux
SDET programming assignment: Expression EvaluatorC#, XUnit.Net, Github, CircleCi
Software Kata EnvironmentPython, C#, Java, GitHub, Docker,
Protractor Regression TestsTypescript, GitHub, Docker,
Exploring EDA Algorithms with the
Boost Graph Library(C/C++ User's Journal)
C++, Boost
Software Process AutomationPerl, Graphviz
Demo websiteAdvanced XHTML,CSS,Javascript
Coloring the Coverage Call TreeC++, Imagix, Purecoverage
C# ProgrammingA class I took
Do You Know What Your
Testcases Are Doing?
Ruby, YAML

For most part, any web browser will work well in this web site. In certain web pages however, only Internet Explorer 7 will provide the full viewing experience. In those instances, a link is provided to detail how the browsers differ. I apologize in advance, if you are using a different browser.

On some pages, like this one, there is a "Behind the Scenes" link on the bottom right. This is to provide additonal internal information for those who are interested, without cluttering the main presentation. Note that the page is unadorned and minimal in layout.

Please feel free to email me your comments, feedback and suggestions. Thank you.

Behind the Scenes